The Ten Suggestions


Not to be confused with The Ten Commandments.

Feel free to adopt, adapt, interpret, copy, and disseminate.


Like life, this is an ongoing project and is subject to frequent changes.

This list represents a personal survey of what I think are optimal thoughts and actions that would

help people live a good life and is not an indictment of any particular person, organization, or belief system.

I have not always lived by these principles but I think they are worthy.





Know yourself.

Realize that you are a very tiny piece of the universe and yet perhaps itís most perfect and complex element.

In your life you should try to gain enough knowledge of yourself and the universe to know who and what you are.

The quest for understanding is mans highest calling.




Improve yourself

Try continually to improve yourself both intellectually, and physically.

You have only one body and one mind; do not waste them through laziness or self-abuse.




Support Freedom of Thought

Respect peoples beliefs, religious or not, so long as their beliefs are not physically damaging to anyone.

Defend your right to believe what you will, but do not deny anotherís right to the same freedom.




Love Your Children

Know that your children are your purest motivation and finest treasure.

Give them love and knowledge and protection and teach them these suggestions.

When they are ready, let them go.

Like trees, the strongest people always stand alone.




Love Your Parents

Obey your parents until you are able and willing to support yourself.

Respect them so long as they deserve respect.

Protect them and provide for them in their old age.

Remember them as they were on their best day.




Respect Life

Do not physically hurt anyone except in protection of yourself or another.

Avoid killing whenever possible.

Murder is always wrong.

Cause no unnecessary pain to any animal.




Respect Marriage and Other Contracts

Honor your promises.

Do not try to seduce another person into breaking a promise.

Treat your partner with honesty and respect.





Try to find work that makes you happy.
Try to be happy with the work you find.
Know that work done well is its own reward.

Donít let your work dominate your life.




Be Honest

Know that the truth will set you free.
When you lie and deceive you make your life a prison.

Live with honor and sleep well at night.




Be Happy

Adult people are responsible for their own happiness.

Do not waste your life in a search for ultimate satisfaction.

Find pleasure in each moment you live and find satisfaction in each breath you take.

Decide to be happy.



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